Coolest finisher’s medal ever for a beer run? Hudepohl 14k Brewery Run

The finisher’s medal is a bottle opener. Two free beer coupons attached to your racing bib. A free pint glass commemorating your achievement. Beer. Running amongst the Ghostbusters and Slimer. More beer. A somewhat challenging course through Cincinnati’s historic brewery district. Did I mention beer? This was a great beer run! The post-race festivities along the river were exciting and entertaining. The kick-off to Oktoberfest was an enjoyable event I would recommend to all runners.

The Course:

I should’ve studied the elevation map a little more. Thankfully, I have incorporated hills into my regular training routine. Colerain Avenue’s elevation surprised me, but what goes up must come down. The descend was a long welcomed relief that seemed to go against the gentle cool breeze to help make the race more comfortable. I ran my fastest average pace to date and of course a PR for the distance since this was my first 14k!

This is an event I will do again for many years to come! Other runners should consider this too!



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