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Coolest finisher’s medal ever for a beer run? Hudepohl 14k Brewery Run

The finisher’s medal is a bottle opener. Two free beer coupons attached to your racing bib. A free pint glass commemorating your achievement. Beer. Running amongst the Ghostbusters and Slimer. More beer. A somewhat challenging course through Cincinnati’s historic brewery district. Did I mention beer? This was a great beer run! The post-race festivities along the river were exciting and entertaining. The kick-off to Oktoberfest was an enjoyable event I would recommend to all runners.

The Course:

I should’ve studied the elevation map a little more. Thankfully, I have incorporated hills into my regular training routine. Colerain Avenue’s elevation surprised me, but what goes up must come down. The descend was a long welcomed relief that seemed to go against the gentle cool breeze to help make the race more comfortable. I ran my fastest average pace to date and of course a PR for the distance since this was my first 14k!

This is an event I will do again for many years to come! Other runners should consider this too!



iPod tan lines are sexy

This summer has been cruel to runners. I love running in cold weather.  I’m faster and do not look like I personally dug the Grand Canyon when I finish.  Summer running is not for me, but I do it. Fall is my favorite season of the year and I try to fill my schedule with races or one big race. Training in the summer is a must for fall races.

Last year, I ran the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon and then the Cincinnati Half Marathon one month later. I hope as this running boom grows more races will be scheduled in late fall/early winter. I would totally run at least a half in December, January, and February!  Weather may be a problem, but that could be part of the lure of the race. Just a thought.

These thoughts generate from my horrible experiences with running in the heat this summer.  Off on a 10 mile trail run, the heat drained my energy at mile 3.  I hate mile 3 of any run or race. If I can survive mile 3, I am good to go any distance. This day, I could not survive mile 3. From 3.0 to 3.6, I developed a headache and insatiable thirst.  I wore a 2-bottle fuel belt that day, so I was prepared for thirst – but not to this extreme. I drank my water supply, plus a PowerBar gel. At some point after 3.6, my head began feeling as if it were crashed between cymbals with each step I took. After vomiting, I knew to stop. Usually 7pm runs on this trail are cake for me.

I called my husband and thankfully he was still in the area. We met at a point where the trail crosses a road and I was never so glad to sit in his vehicle with a big fat powerade. As I chugged powerade and rested my head on the seat, he asked, “Why didn’t you finish?”

I glared at him. He probably saw his life flash before his eyes as his expression shifted from curiosity to oh crap I shouldn’t have said that. He recovered with, “Your iPod tan lines are sexy.” Good recovery! Chicks are suckers for compliments, especially in a low moment like I was experiencing.

This shows how brutal Mother Nature can be despite all preparations. I wore light running clothes, sunglasses, and a fuel belt. I had hydrated well all day and the previous day. The temperature was 93. Mother Nature 1. Me 0.

It is important to know how to play it safe when running in heat. Gear, as in a hydration belt, may be necessary or timing. Many people run in the mornings. This is not an option for me. My morning begins at 5 am and my body rejects getting up earlier. I often run at night, on the dreadmill, or before the hottest point of the day comes.

Here are some tips:


Missing the Flying Pig

Back to bacon. My very favorite race thus far has been the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love Cincinnati, so it isn’t surprising I love the Flying Pig. I’ve run another race in Cincinnati, but the appeal and excitement doesn’t compare to the Flying Pig.

The hills in Eden Park were rough. I was so proud I didn’t give in and walk. My plan was to run the entire race – regardless how much it hurt. The crowd support was so awesome, the race didn’t seem that awful. My urge to walk, which I usually begin fighting at mile 3 of every run, did not set in until mile 12. At that point, a Red Foreman attitude kicked in as I told myself to suck it up and finish strong.  I ran a PR on that course. How with those hills? Well it was my 3rd half marathon, so I think I am still improving.

Picture from Flying PIg Marathon Facebook page

I finished the race strong and loved it. I had such a crash a week or two after the race. The post race blues set in hard. What could compete with the Flying Pig?  What race is as fun, yet challenging?  During the Flying Pig, I saw a man juggling as he ran the marathon. A woman ran the race in a bacon costume. The crowd support lined the course entirely and were amazing. It was very fun.  Watching the sunrise as we ran across the bridge, that was an awesome moment as well. I cannot speak enough about that race. I also cannot find a race which draws as much excitement and motivation from me.

From the Flying Pig Marathon Facebook page

I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks, but do not feel the same passion and enthusiasm.  It is a small local race and I’m chalking up my lack of interest to the small race atmosphere. We’ll see. It may be the summer heat. I’ve learned my favorite temperatures for running are below 60 degrees.  This heat burns my motivation as much as my lawn. What helps you run through the summer? Some people take the winter off from running. I’m considering the opposite and taking the summer off from training.  Does anyone do this? The downside for me would be fall is my very favorite season for running…and well everything!

Is another race so fun and comparable to the Flying Pig? Do share!